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With the weather looking absolutely beautiful at the moment, we’ve caught the fitness bug here at Iconemesis. Of course, as we’re on a mission to get fit, we come aided with the help of a couple of iPhone apps to give us a push along the way. Here are a few of our favourite ones at the moment.

Argus (free): Acting as your very own pedometer built into your iPhone, Argus lets you track how many steps you’ve taken each day. It’s great for those of us always on the move. It’s also useful for those of us who like to track our runs, making it shareable with our friends and family.

7 Minute Workout(free): Instead of three 20 minute workouts a week, we’ve opted for a seven minute workout every other day. Whilst seven minutes may not seem that long, we can definitely feel our bodies working at…

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Update Your iPhone & iPad Apps Automatically


Do you get annoyed by the red number on the corner of the App Store reminding you to update your apps? 

Lots of people do, but it’s nothing to worry about because in iOS 7, you can solve that problem with automatic app updates for iPhones and iPads. Once enabled, all your apps will  update themselves magically in the background without you needing to take any action at all! Here’s how to do it.


1. Launch the Settings app.

settings app ios


2. If you have an iPhone, scroll down your screen until you find the iTunes & App Store menu, and tap on it. If you have an iPad, scroll through the menus on the left-hand side of your screen until you see the iTunes & App Store option, and then tap on it.

itunes and app store in settings


3. Make sure you are logged in at the top with your Apple…

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5 App Essentials for New Parents

Well – you’ve gone and done it – brought a new life into this world. Yes it is a once in a lifetime, wonderful and magical experience. However, for the first few weeks you sometimes feel like you are taking care of a small alien creature who has many vague rules and regulations. Let them sleep too long? They Cry. Hold them a certain way? They Cry? Feed them after midnight? Well… let’s just say to be careful feeding them after midnight.

In order to help future new parents – I give you 5 app essentials that make those first few weeks a great deal more bearable.

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iPhone Apps // Marketing Edition

I’m a new convert when it comes to the iPhone. I switched from Android to iPhone almost 5 months ago, and while the transition was less than pleasant, I’ve realized the change was unavoidable … so I needed to grin and bare it. Although it’s still a slight adjustment, I’ve since adopted this new item as not only my phone but really as an extension to a lot of work + play projects. Of course I’m talking about the apps. Here are a few apps that I think are really helpful. I would love to know if there is an app you think is great and should become a part of my list!

iphone apps for marketers // digital marketing resources


This is a fun and quick way to jot down notes or ideas. You can create separate notebooks and create individual stickies within each notebook. Really great way to organize thoughts and processes.
Price: Free


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Cutting Edge Smartphone App Development

Netgains America - Website Design & Development Company

Smartphone/Mobile App Development Smartphone/Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers blend creativity with code to create the most intuitive iPhone, iPad, and Android app development. Want to know more? Connect us at

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Las 50 mejores aplicaciones para iOS del 2014

The Fer Marin Blog


La lista de las mejores aplicaciones para iOS del 2014, basada en la lista de la revista Time, incluye el nombre de la aplicación y el enlace, a lo que hemos agregad0 el precio de la aplicación (la mayoría son gratis), la categoría en la que se encuentra clasificada cada aplicación en la tienda iTunes y cuál es la tarea que realiza.

A continuación tienen las 50 mejores aplicaciones para iOS del 2014,

  1. 1Password (17,99 dólares) – Productividad – Gestor de Contraseñas y Billetera Digital.
  2. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (Gratis) – Comida y Bebidas – Recetas de comidas y tragos.
  3. Any.DO (Gratis) – Productividad – Lista de tareas.
  4. Audible (Gratis) – Libros – Para escuchar audiobooks.
  5. Baby Monitor HD (11,99 dólares) – Medicina – Monitor de bebés.
  6. Backdrops (1,99 dólares) – Fotografía y Vídeos – Fondos de Pantalla.
  7. BaconReader for Reddit (Gratis) – Noticias – Lector de Reddit.
  8. Beer Buddy

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